Free WiFi and Great Food – Panera Bread in Broken Arrow

Panera Bread Broken Arrow

Panera Bread has been my back-up office for several years. It’s a great (public) place to meet clients over coffee (or lunch or dinner), and get some informal work done. It’s also a great place to catch up on some reading (internet or paperback) while grabbing a bite to eat. Internet issues at home? More than once, Panera has been my emergency back-up.

Unlike most places that tout “free wifi,” Panera also lets you use their power outlets. This means that you can actually stay online for more than 20 minutes (or however long your battery holds out). Of course there are limits during peak time, and sites which might be offensive to other diners are blocked, but for most student, business, or research purposes, the WiFi is really a great benefit. Did I mention they have really great food?

Panera’s Bagels and sandwiches are a fantastic, relatively healthy alternative to those office meetings and celebrations which always include “refreshments.” They have a great catering menu.

I’m so glad we have a Panera Bread in Broken Arrow (MAP). I stop in there regularly for one of their amazing breakfast sandwiches (I get a steak, egg and cheese on a plain bagel – yum), or a plain bagel with cream cheese. I’ve also enjoyed their famous seasonal salads and soups of the day.

For more information, visit, or like Panera Bread on Facebook.

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